website manefesto




  1. The root site is alive The root site is an organism that can grow or die. You are its creator and maintainer.

  2. Resilience through design The resiliance/lifetime of the root is correlated to its design decisions, not the time taken to tend it.

  3. Resiliance is to simplicity as beauty is to ephemerality
    A design decision either increases complexity in lieu of resiliance, or trades resiliance for less complexitiy.

  4. Strive for etherial resiliance Make design decisions that offer complex beauty while maintaining resiliance. Lean towards one extreme based on personal needs.

Design decisions

  1. The root site is a living autobiography of me
  2. Lean towards simplicity and resiliance
    1. The site theme should be simple and modular - capable of adapting to future changes if possible
    2. Minimize use of components (cards, buttons, dropdowns, etc) that are subject to volatile UI changes. Put emphasis on typography instead
  3. pls put in side notes they're fucking sick

Fonts - decently neutral font, like it alot - from obsidian - obsidian overline - from - sans serif option

Websites (this guy is insane)

Resources god bless this man