"Static" site generator for

Claude Monet's The Japanese Footbridge and the Water Lily Pool

(View the public repository here)

Greenhouse is the website generator that powers It's made using Next.js and a variety of other knick knacks generally following this pipeline:

 ├─ markdown body → remark w/plugins via react-markdown → TSX → HTML
 └─ frontmatter (YAML) → gray-matter → JSON

It allows notes to be written in markdown using software like Obsidian, and renders pages underneath dynamic URLs. Because 99% of content uses SSR, the site is generally lightweight and can run with almost no Javascript on the browser.

Some other features:

  • Cross-link between notes that uses a relatively "native" solution via URL encoding
  • Supports YAML front-matter (i.e: Obsidian's properties feature)

Wallpapers on the landing page are randomly selected from a few artists that I like, then dithered for stylistic preference.