Resume templater

Experiments in making resumes with HTML

(view the public repository here)

I started experimenting with making resumes in HTML after being dissatisfied with some other methods. Here's some alternatives ive tried:

vs. Rich text editors (Word, Google docs, Obsidian etc)

  • Lack of creative control was a big turnoff. Document editors restrict you to how they think you should use their software to a point where it becomes punishing. Every time I try to insert an image into a word document I throw my laptop at a wall.
  • There are settings you can tweak for customization (ie Obsidian lets you write custom CSS), but it takes effort to learn and time to tweak exactly right.

vs. Graphics Software (ie. Figma and InDesign)

  • Figma is great. It lets you edit text, regulate spacing with auto layouts and move elements around to exactly how you want it. I would use it, but their PDF export is terrible and causes the file to fail ATS scanners.
  • I'll admit that I've yet to try InDesign, but having to pay for software and dedicate time to learning it is something I'd rather avoid for now.

What do I gain from using this?

  • I already know how to use this tool
  • Fine grain control over the exact layout of my resume
  • JSON structure allows for portability and modularity